Week 3: September 22, 2014


MakerFaire/MakerCon recap


  • Guest Speaker!
  • Discuss Medium by Malcolm McCullough
  • Homework review
  • Review OpenSCAD 2
  • GitHub Introduction
  • Slic3r Part 3 (infill, shells)
  • Changing Filament on RepRap
  • Printing
  • Lunch
  • Discuss project, next homework
  • More printing

Guest Speaker

Michael Curry, Independent Designer and 3D Printing Evangelist based in Kansas City.

Discuss Medium by Malcolm McCullough

Take 5 minutes to review the reading and pick out something which you find interesting and would like to discuss.

Homework and OpenSCAD 2 Review

Any questions about...

  • minkowski
  • hull
  • scale
  • resize
  • ?


1962 by Raphael Bastide (GitHub repository)

  • What is GitHub?
  • Why should you care? (as artists/designers/people who like to share who are working with code)
  • Repositories (What are they?, creating, forking, cloning)
  • Simple workflow (work, commit, work, ...)
  • Branches (how to create, how to merge)

Slic3r Part 3

  • Experiment with infill!
  • Shells and fill settings.

RepRap Filament Change

Easier to show than explain. Ask a tech to show you on your first try.

  • Heat up hot end
  • Motors off
  • Pinch extruder to release tension on filament and pull filament out.
  • Insert new filament and release.
  • Extrude until filament color changes completely.

NetFabb Cloud

Quick update from last week: NetFabb offers an online service for repairing STLs.

If you are having troubles, feel free to tree NetFabb Cloud.

Print Some Stuff!

Print your objects from this weekend, either individually or with a partner (if your objects are small enough to fit on the same plate). Experiment with infill and shells to decrease print time. If you are unable to print today, you will have to visit the dFab lab before next week to finish.

Project 1: Conversation

Presentations on Oct. 6th. Documentation Due by Oct. 13th.

Don Norman on affordances

This project is to be completed by 2 people (a group of 3 is okay).

For the first project, I would like you to create a set of objects (1 per person in your group) which are somehow connected by a non-printed found object. Use the found object's pre-existing affordances to create or highlight a relationship between the printed parts. The dimensions of your printed objects will be determnined by the properties of your found object.

Let's pick partners today (maybe right now?) Let me know in person or by email when you've formed a group.


This week: Form groups, find objects, choose ideas.
Sept. 29th: Work session - measurements and printing.
Oct. 6th: Project presentations.
Oct. 13th: Documentation due.



  • Modules in OpenSCAD (here)


Create two repositories which include the following:

  • A source folder (named src or source) which contains your .scad file(s).
  • An export folder (named dist, stl, or exported) which contains your ready-to-print .stl file(s).
  • An images folder (named img or images) which contains at least one edited image of your printed object.
  • A file named README.md which describes the assignment or object. (How Markdown formatting works).
  • An open source license of your choice (Probably MIT or GPL, but refer to choosealicense.com for assistance.)


Brainstorm with partner and...

  • Search for potential interface objects (bring to class next week).
  • Create sketches on paper of possible forms to conncet with the found object.