Week 8: October 27, 2014

Welcome Back!

Shameless Plug: Baltimore Hackathon


  • Another project 1 presentation!
  • HW3 (laser cutting) review
  • Toolmaking
  • Lunch
  • Reading Discussion
  • Parameterization!

Project 1 Peer Review Forms

Take a few minutes to fill out the peer review forms that I will send to your MICA email address.

The details of the forms will be kept private, so please feel free to answer each question honestly.

HW3 Review

Similar to our project 1 review process.

  • Show and discuss objects
  • Talk about techniques used, lessons learned


Unfold & Jonathan Keep

L'Artisan Electroniqueby Unfold with Tim Knapen, 2010

Jonathan Keep's DIY ceramic delta printer

Markus Kayser

Sun Cutter, 2010

Solar Sinter, 2011

Silk Pavillion

Biologically inspired/assisted fabrication from MIT Media Lab's Mediated Matter Group

DIY Inventions from 30 Years of Isolation


Discuss reading (excerpts from The System of Objects)

You will have 5 minutes to review the reading to pick out something which you find interesting and would like to discuss.

Parametric Design

A parametric form is designed to accept input in the form of parameters or arguments. The parametric toolkit for OpenSCAD consists of:

  • Variables (a named value which can be used as a parameter) More info...
  • Modules (instructions to build forms which can be reused and accept parameters) More info...
  • Conditional statements (can be used to signal different versions or characteristics of forms from input parameters) More info... Brief and helpful suggestions for making your design parametric: link

Let's look at a parametric wrench (link).

And some more interesting parameterization...


Printable tool research (due on Nov. 10th)

Find a tool which you think might be useful to you. Document your experience using the tool:

  • I recommend searching for your tool on Thingiverse.
  • Have tool file(s) in class next week for printing.
  • Try to use the tool as much as possible over the course of a week (minimum 3 uses); making notes or taking photos to document the experience.
  • Roughly 200 word (half page) document saved as a .pdf which describes your experience with the tool, including any suggestions you have for modifying it to better suit your needs.
  • Include at least 3 photos with documentation.

Parametric form (3 from 3 due Nov. 3rd)

Create a module which accepts three parameters, capable of producting at least three different, but related, forums.

  • Export .stl files of 3 different forms.
  • Document with a GitHub repository. Standard format applies.
  • No need to print these, but do include renders if you decide not to print.