Week 14: December 8, 2014

Project 3 Presentation

One student will be giving their final presentation today. We will have the presentation towards the end of class, at 2:30pm.

Make sure you are here at 2:30pm for this presentation. Participation is one of the most valuable parts of these critiques!

Project 3 work session

You have the period today to work on your final project. Make good use of this time with the machines!

If you like, you have the option to use the machines in Brown 217.

Make sure you are back here by 2:30pm.

Project 3 presentations next week

Bring your finished projects and be ready to talk about them. We'll be doing critiques!


Project 3

Finish up work on your final project.

Final presentations and critique will happen during class next week.

Course Evaluations Next Week

Bring a laptop, iPad, or smart phone to class next week.

You'll have time to submit your course evaluations during class.